Fill Your Medicinal Weed Needs with Online Ordering

Online stores are generally the ones that offer higher selections of items at lower prices than physical stores. This is also true for medical marijuana. Now it is easily selected and sent with an online order. Or, you could go to actual dispensaries and make your selection there. Either way, you get exactly what you have to get for your medical marijuana needs. The process is simple and private. It is always good to know that ordering or buying weed is always going to be convenient.

When you mail order weed, do it from a trusted vendor. You can always check the reviews for different companies and get an idea of how they run in terms of popularity. If the company you are vetting is mainly on the lists, then you should give that vendor a try. Basically, you understand what you are looking for from a good medical marijuana vendor. The point is to have a broad selection of cannabis items from flowers and edibles to oils and tinctures. Depending on what has been popular for a company, inventories may vary.

Why do you need medical marijuana? Ideally, you have consulted with your healthcare professional about this and you already know. Some people, on the other hand, may not know how cannabis works. It has psychoactive and physiologically active compounds that have a profound effect on pain. When the THC hits its receptors in the brain, pain signals are slowed down, much in the manner that morphine works, only without the side effects and addiction potential. It also lowers blood pressure and relaxes muscles.

Cannabis does all of this from the brain. We feel pain in our bodies because the brain gets the signal and it quickly sends the message to the rest of the brain and then, ouch! For those with chronic pain, medical marijuana has been a godsend. It has helped many millions of people to improve their quality of life in spite of painful diseases. The mainstream pain medications can have serious side effects. Opiates like morphine and hydrocodone are highly addictive and can cause serious constipation among other side effects.

Medical marijuana has now become the go to treatment for pain symptoms from differing causes. It is clear how well weed works as medicine. You will rarely every find a person who had no benefit at all. If you are very sensitive, there are varieties of weed you can buy that have a more relaxing breath to them to ease the anxiety you get from higher strains. Or, if you do not respond well to smoking the basic flowers, you can switch to oral use or doing daps of smoked hash oil or learn how to make weed cookies.

With mail order weed fully available in your legal area, you can have your medicine sent on time, every time. Enjoy the selections you will find and feel free to try different varieties all the time. Know that your medical weed is of the highest quality and chemical-free.

CBD for My Son’s Epilepsy

My son has had a serious issue with epilepsy for his entire life.  It has been a constant struggle for everyone in the family, as many of his seizures can be extremely violent and scary.  He also will usually have multiple seizures in a day, which means that it can be very difficult for him to function like a normal child would.  He has been taking drugs for his epilepsy for his entire life, but nothing has really seemed to help him.  It has been frustrating going from one prescription to another with nothing really getting him over the hump and allowing him to function and go out and play like a normal child.

One day during a doctor visit, his doctor told me that there might be another method that we could use to at least help him to live a somewhat normal life.  He told me that there are certain medical marijuana products that have been known to help lower the occurrence and intensity of epileptic seizures in young children.  Of course, from the very beginning I was quite skeptical of what my doctor was telling me.  The last thing that I wanted was for my seven year old son to be high all the time.  Furthermore, I figured that with a drug like marijuana, there had to be some sort of long term side effects that could end up hurting him in the future.  I wanted to do whatever I could in order to help my child to live a normal life, but I did not want to end up impairing his brain functions as an adult.

My doctor explained to me that there are certainly a lot of problems that can occur due to marijuana use at a young age, however, most of those problems seemed to be related to the psychoactive effects of the chemical THC.  My doctor explained that THC was the chemical in the pot that got people high, but he also explained that this is not the only chemical in pot that can have some positive medical effects.  He told me that he did not want my son to be high all the time, either, and because of this he would never prescribe my son anything that had THC in it.

Instead, he told me that he would be able to write a prescription for either a tincture or a capsule that was strictly CBD.  He said that there was still research that had to be done in regards to how this would affect him, but he also said that it had been known to be of great help in children with autism, even pointing to a few cases across the country in which the rate of seizures in children had been reduced to nearly zero.

After taking all of this information in with the understanding that I wanted to do anything in my power to help my son to live the normal life as a child, I continued asking questions.  My doctor explained that there are likely some mild negative side effects that come with this treatment, but that they did not appear to be any greater than other epilepsy treatments.  He advised us to try it out for a month or two in order to see what kind of results we got, and then make a decision after that.

Within the first couple of weeks I noticed an immediate difference in my son.  First, his seizures were reduced to about two per day, but the occurrences began to be even less than that.  After two months, my son maybe has a seizure once per week.